Meter Reads

We read the meter via a remote device attached to the outside of your house that is directly connected to the inside water meter. If we cannot read the meter for any reason (locked gate, overgrown shrubs, damaged remote) a door tag will be left for you to call in the meter read. You should call us as soon as you receive a tag in order to have the problem corrected and to give us the meter read so your bill can be calculated based on actual consumption.

If you cannot be reached before the bill is generated, you will receive an estimated bill based on your past consumption history. You are responsible for all water that passes through the meter.

Your meter is generally located in the basement or utility room near the hot water heater or under the sink in your kitchen. There is a small triangle or red dial that spins when water is passing through the meter. On digital meters, a plus sign will be visible on the screen if water is passing through the meter. See sample pictures below. It is always a good idea to know where your water meter and shut-off valve are located in case of an emergency.

ESTIMATED READS Due to Inclement Weather

We do our best to read all water meters each and every month and try not to estimate bills unless absolutely necessary. Please understand that the safety of our staff is our top priority and your bill will be corrected as soon as it is safe for them to access the remote devices when conditions permit. Thank you for your understanding. 





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