Bill Payment

Bill Payment Information

All customers are billed on a monthly basis according to location. Read cycle and/or billing date can not be altered by the customer.

Bills are due upon presentation (21 days from bill date). Past due balances will be reflected on your next monthly bill. If the total amount past due is more than $100 or greater than 3 months past due, you will receive a notification of water discontinuance and a due date for the delinquent balance.




Bills are payable by the following methods:


In Local Business Office:  Payments of check, cash or money order can be made in our local business office which is located at 27 Vanderburg Road in Marlboro. Credit card payments can also be made in the office lobby. A PC has conveniently been set up in the office for credit card payments. If you need assistance making this type of payment, please see a Customer Service representative at the front counter. 

Mail:  Payments can be mailed to our local business office address which is 27 Vanderburg Rd Marlboro, NJ 07746-1418.

Electronic Banking:  Some banks (Chase, Citibank & Wells Fargo) mail a paper check on your behalf when you set up Gordon’s Corner Water Company as a vendor to send electronic payments through your bank’s bill paying system. When paying the bill in this manner, funds are deducted from your account and a check is then mailed to Gordon’s Corner Water Company using the address you provide to them. Please note that payment will not be received in our office on the date your bank removes the funds from your account. When choosing your bank to make payments to Gordon’s Corner Water Company, please use the local business office address in Marlboro given above. It is also very important that your full 9 digit account number appear on the check. If you receive a shut-off notice, do not use your bank to make payment online since it will not reach our office before the shut-off date. 



Drop-Box:  There is a blue mail box outside the local business office that can be accessed at anytime. Payment can be dropped in the box in an envelope without a stamp.  The box is checked twice daily around 8:30 am and again after noon. To ensure that your payment is processed correctly, write the account number and address in the memo section.  If you need to pay in cash or by money order, please make sure it is placed inside a sealed envelope with your information written clearly on the front so that your account is credited correctly.

Past-Due Bills

Please respond to any and all shut-off notices by calling our Customer Service Department immediately at 732-946-9333 even if payment has already been sent. If you need to make a payment arrangement that extends beyond the due date on your bill, please call our Customer Service Department as soon as possible so we can work with you on a payment plan. Please do not send in a partial payment without notifying our Customer Service Department or you could be subject to termination on the past due balance.

A grace period of 10-14 days is given after the original bill due date before a second and final notice is mailed. You have 10 days to pay the past due balance after receiving the final notice or the service will be disconnected. At the discretion of the Company, a courtesy phone call and/or door tag will be given prior to the actual shut-off date. If you are shut-off, you will need to provide payment of your past due balance prior to the restoration of service. In addition, a deposit will be added to your account to secure future bills. You will also be charged a reconnect fee to restore service of $50 during normal business hours or $100 after normal business hours.

If you do not contact the Customer Service Department BEFORE the shut-off date printed on the final notice and payment has not posted to your account by 8:30 am on the morning of the shut-off date, the service will be disconnected. In order to get service reconnected, payment will need to be made in our office or through our website (click blue box below or on Bill Pay above) and a turn-on fee will be added to your account as stated above.

An account will be sent on to a collections agency after a customer has moved and a final balance is left unpaid. 

Turn off for No Application for Water Service

Gordon’s Corner Water sends the customer an Application for Water Service (Existing Service) when a new account is started. The application must be signed and returned to our office within fifteen (15) calendar days of mailing. We offer a generous grace period for return of the application, but if after the 2nd Notice we do not receive your signed application, we must discontinue water service. There is a reconnect fee of $50 during normal business hours and $100 after normal business hours. Please click below if you need a copy of the application.


Application for Water Service (Existing Service)

Electronic Payment Options:

*Auto pay is a free feature if payment is taken out of your checking account only. If using a debit or credit card, there is a $2.95 fee.

If making a one-time payment, a fee of $.95 is added to the cart when using a checking account and $2.95 when using a debit or credit card. Payers can now use Google Pay or Apple pay on their laptop, tablet or other mobile device to make one-time payments. Fee applies to all one-time payments.

For all payment options, please click on the link below:  


     Bill Pay




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