Rates for Service

Your bill is comprised of two charges, the fixed facility charge, and the consumption rate.

The fixed facility charge covers basic fixed expenses that the water company uses to operate. These expenses include, but are not limited to, administrative costs such as billing and computer services, employee salaries, electricity for operating the pumps, maintenance to the facilities, equipment and vehicles, chemicals to treat and filter the water for safe consumption, and many other daily costs that allow us to provide our customers with a safe and consistent supply of water. This cost is not variable and we do not offer discounts for any particular class of customer.

Fixed Facility Charges – Monthly


5/8" Meters$14.06
3/4" Meters$21.09
1" Meters$35.15
1-1/2" Meters$70.28
2" Meters$112.44
4" Meters$351.37
6" Meters$702.77
8" Meters$1,124.94

The consumption charge is for the actual measured water usage on the water meter. This is the amount you have control over. Your bill can vary greatly from your neighbors depending on how many people live in your house and how you use water in your home. We estimate that a family of 4 will average 10,000 gallons of water per month for indoor use only. During the summer months, your bill can increase dramatically if you have a sprinkler system or fill a pool. Any amount of outdoor water use is going to reflect in an increase in your bill from the winter months.

Consumption Charge as of October 10, 2014
All Consumers $5.15 per 1,000 gallons
PWAC = $0.019 per 1,000 gallons*

*PWAC (Purchased Water Adjustment Clause) is a charge to recover increases in the purchased water costs from our suppliers. It went into effect on 5-1-2017

The state of New Jersey enacted Ch. 443 of the Laws of New Jersey 1983 concerning the periodic testing of public water supplies which established a water tax of $0.01 per 1,000 gallons of water. This tax is reflected and included in the above rates.


Turn-on charge – A charge of $25.00 during normal working hours and a charge of $50.00 after normal working hours shall be made for resumption of service after discontinuance due to nonpayment of bills or violation of Company’s tariff.

Bad check charge – should the Company receive a negotiable instrument from a customer in payment of a bill, charge or deposit due, and such instrument is subsequently dishonored or uncollectible for any reason, the Company shall charge the customer a handling charge of $25.00 per instrument.

Frozen Meter charge – If your meter is located in an unheated garage, utility closet or crawl space and you do not properly insulate your water pipes during the winter months, you run the risk of frozen pipes which can damage our meter. If it is necessary to change a frozen water meter we will charge you for the replacement cost.


Read: Tariff 5-1-2017

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