Water Quality

Source of Supply

Gordon’s Corner supplies water from two primary sources, ground and surface water. Groundwater comes from wells drilled into aquifers and is generally not susceptible to contamination by disease-causing microorganisms. Our groundwater is treated with lime for Ph adjustment and chlorine for disinfection. Surface water needs to go through a much more rigorous treatment process because of it’s more frequent contact with disease-causing organisms.

We currently purchase 1.5 million gallons of surface water per day from the Marlboro Township Water Utility Division, and 1.5 million gallons from Suez Matchaponix Water Company. The total average day system delivery of water including these purchases is 5 million gallons.

Monitoring and Treatment

Each year, we are required to publish a Consumer Confidence Report listing all of the organic and inorganic compounds tested for in the water supply from the previous year. This report shows you the State mandated maximum contaminant level (MCL) for each compound, the range and/or average results that our water tested at for the year. We are proud to report that our company has never been in violation of the State and Federal regulations for potable water. This report is available on our web site by July 1st each year for testing done in the prior calendar year.

Read: Gordons Corner Water Quality Report 2016


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