Monthly Bill Presentment:

. Smaller amounts due on a schedu
le similar to other household bills (ie. mortgage, gas, electric, cable, phone, etc.) and

. Consumption tracking at monthly intervals to assist in the detection of leaks and/or stuck meters (this will be particularly helpful in the summer months when outdoor usage is high).

Bills will still be due upon presentation (16 days from bill date). Past due balances will be reflected on your next monthly bill. If the total amount past due is $100 or greater, you will see a notification of water discontinuance and a date the balance is due by to avoid this inconvenience.

Bills are payable by the following methods:

All payments should be mailed to our local business office:

27 Vanderburg Rd Marlboro, NJ 07746-1418

Electronic Banking:

Some banks do not send us electronic payments when you set us up as a vendor using your bank's on-line bill payment system. If you pay your bills in this manner, your funds may be deducted from your account and a check will be cut and mailed to us using the address you provide to them. We do not recieve payment on the date your bank removes the funds from your account.
If you chose this method, please use our local address in Marlboro given above and do not wait until you receive a shut-off notice to pay on-line. It is also very important that your full account number appear on the check.


We have a blue mail box outside our administrative office:
27 Vanderburg Rd Marlboro, NJ 07746

You can access it anytime, just drop your payment in an envelope without a stamp.  We check the box twice a day around 8:30AM and again after noon. Please be sure you write your account number and address on your check.  If you need to pay in cash or money order, please make sure it is placed inside a sealed envelope with your information written clearly on it so we credit your account correctly.

Past-Due Bills
If you need to make a payment arrangement that extends beyond the due date on your bill, please call us as soon as possible so we can work with you on a payment plan. If you wait until you are about to be shut-off or after you are shut-off, you will need to provide payment in full and a $100.00 deposit to secure future bills. Please do not send in a partial payment without letting us know or you could be subject to termination on the balance.

You are given a 10-14 day grace period before a second and final notice is mailed. You have 10 days to pay on this notice or your service will be disconnected. If your credit history with us is good, we will attempt to call you or leave a door-tag 2 days before the actual shut-off date. Please respond to any and all shut-off notices by calling our office immediately at 732-946-9333 even if you have already sent payment.

If you do not contact us BEFORE the shut-off date printed on your bill and we do not have your payment posted to your account on the morning of the shut-off date, you will be disconnected. In order to get service reconnected, payment will need to be made in our office and a turn-on fee will be added to your balance.

We do not charge interest on past due balances and we do not report your credit history to the major credit agencies. An account will only be sent on to a collections agency after a customer has moved and a final balance is left unpaid.

Electronic Payment Options:

For all payment options, please click on the link below: